While San Tan Valley residents continue to fight for water quality, improved air quality, clarity on billing practices, and a solution to ongoing sewage overflows, Supervisor House felt the need to defend the utility company during the recent Board of Supervisors meeting.

Supervisor Mike Goodman put forth a resolution, Number 032818-ACC-JU, to vote that the Pinal county board of supervisors support the Arizona Corporation Commissions investigation of water quality, billing, waste water facility issues, and related health and safety issues related to Johnson Utilities.

Both, Supervisor Smith and Miller were very supportive of the resolution. Supervisor Miller applauded the resolution. Miller said, “I think this makes the statement to the public that we have their best interests at heart.”

Supervisor Rios was less than supportive of the resolution, though he did vote for it, saying it didn’t have any teeth and likened it to sending a postcard, which the community may already know that Rios is quite familiar with sending out postcards.

Supervisor House felt the urge to submit into the record a study done for Johnson Utilities done by GHD. According to the study, House said “Jim Taylor did a Johnson Utility check on how they are running their organization… but according to that statement they are running the organization just fine, everything is going well, As a matter of fact they rate them fairly high.”

He then goes on to talk about ADEQ, “ADEQ went out to the system 11 treatment plant and found some minor errors, minor issues, that’s fine and those can be corrected and should be. But, there’s actually no violations at the section 11 plant.”

Additionally House goes on to say “I just feel that in the end that Johnson Utilities might be found not to be in any of these problems that are currently involved in this resolution.”

The minor violations that the ADEQ reported, and that House was referencing, also had an ACC Staff report that stated “The Section 11 WWTP is the only wastewater plant the Company runs that lacks any monitoring or automated control system. Staff is concerned with the amount of unauthorized discharges at the site and believes immediate implementation of a monitoring and control system is warranted. Staff estimates the cost of the system to be approximately $25,000. Staff recommends the Company install a monitoring and control system at the Section 11 WWTP no later than April 16, 2018.”

“Staff believes the repeated odor complaints necessitate further investigation. To that end, Staff understands that ADEQ has contracted with Westland Resources to conduct an air quality investigation of the Company.”

36 sanitary sewer overflows were documented from February 11, 2015 to November 15, 2017 in the San Tan Valley area, with another happening on March 28th in Pecan Creek.

If you would like to watch the Board of Supervisors meeting where this was discussed visit

http://pinalcountyaz.swagit.com/play/03282018-717 and watch item 15.

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