District 5 Supervisor Ignores The Actual Problem

After having a pattern of voting against the residents of San Tan Valley over the ongoing utility problem, that has affected us for years, a local residents group by the name of The United Citizens – Clean Air Clean Water called out Pete Rios and Todd House to recuse themselves from all matters regarding the utility due to their voting record and the campaign contributions they have received.

Instead of addressing the issues and concerns of the residents, Supervisor Todd House decided to play semantics at the February Board of Supervisors Regular Session meeting. During the session House took the time to call out the concerns of a conflict of interest when it came to Todd House and Pete Rios. Instead of addressing the problem he decided to read the ARS statute on what a conflict of interest is. Supervisor House also called the concerns a “Hail Mary style” when it comes to the residents calling for them to recuse themselves.

So, to recap, Pete Rios is sending out threatening postcards and emails to San Tan Valley residents and Todd House is playing semantics and writing off the concerns of San Tan Valley residents as a “Hail Marry Style” when it comes to our community taking action against those that have ignored and voted against our problems.

You can watch Supervisor Todd House make these statements at the February 28 Board of Supervisors Session.
Meeting Video: Item 5, 1:33 minute mark

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