One Resident is Concerned That the New Gantzel Extension Will Make Life Worse.

By: Chelsea Naro & San Tan Times

While most residents of San Tan Valley are excited to have a new way to get around the area there are a few neighborhoods that will be negativley affected by this project.


Dear San Tan Times,

I have seen your articles regarding the Gantzel Road expansion. While many people are excited about this new road, there is one neighborhood that will be severely affected when it opens. The Johnson Ranch neighborhood on the East side of Hunt Highway currently is able to turn left out of the neighborhood by using Gantzel where it stops at Omega Drive. Once the expansion is open, the residents will not be able to turn left due to the new traffic.

When the road department was contacted regarding putting in a light, they said there is no need because there are other ways out of the neighborhood. However, there is not a single way out of the neighborhood that has a light. If even one person is turning left, everyone behind them is stuck in the neighborhood until traffic clears. This is already an issue for those turning left onto Bella Vista when others want to turn right. Johnson Ranch needs a light installed before the Gantzel expansion is complete or we will not be able to exit our neighborhood.


You bring up some interesting points, Chelsea. That intersection could become a challenge for residents while not having the option of putting in a light due to the proximity to the Bella Vista and Gantzel intersection.

As you can see from the photos, the residents attempting to leave the communities on either side of Gantzel could have a difficult time crossing traffic to get into the north or south bound lanes do to the size of the intersection and the median that is in place.

Let’s see what we can do to get some answers for you and the surrounding residents to see what the plans are for the area.

You can expect an update on this in next week’s paper. Stay tuned!