San Tan Valley Areas Experiencing Low Water Pressure

Order of Abatement

Multiple areas in San Tan Valley are experiencing low water pressure. Copper Basin, Oasis Magic Ranch, Rancho Bella Vista South, and Eduprize school have all been experiencing this problem. The concerning aspect of this is the wide area that is being effected. 

The reasons for the low water pressure seem to vary greatly depending upon who you ask and where you are located. Some Home Owner Associations, such as Copper Basin and Oasis Magic Ranch have sent out information stating to their residents that the low water pressure is due to a water main repair. 

Other residents, such as those in Bella Vista South and the administration at Eduprize have been told it is due to a broken motor. 

Copper Basin residents have been informed that low water pressure can be expected for another two months. This is on top of the two to three weeks of low water pressure that the community has already been experiencing. The main line water to the green areas will be turned off for at least three days.

Oasis at Magic Ranch HOA originally informed residents on May 22 that “Some homes may be without water due to a main water line break. We have been notified that Johnson Utilities is working on the repair.” The following day the HOA retracted that statement saying “regarding the Johnson Utilities Water line break was incorrect. Vision Community Management received erroneous information.”

Some residents have contacted us stating that they called Johnson Utilities customer service and were told it is due to high usage, while others have stated they were told that ongoing lower water pressure can be expected due to high population growth. With several thousand roof tops currently under way and planned for, this is leading some residents to wonder if there is enough water to actually go around. 

If low water pressure is taking place due to high volume and/or population growth, what will happen when an additional 30,000 – 40,000 residents come into the area when all of the additional rooftops have been completed?

Johnson Utilities is responsible for supplying water and sewer permits to developers before they even get the county permits to begin building.

For those being told that the low water pressure is due to a broken motor, the estimated time for completion is anywhere from 24 hours to “3 to 4 days.” 

One resident, speaking to us under the conditions of anonymity, was told by a Johnson Utilities contractor that some of the wells have been shut down due to water quality issues. 

For those experiencing problems, you can contact San Tan Times to share your information with us as we continue to follow this problem.