San Tan Valley Constructions Crews Lose Access To Water

In what is being described as an unheard of move by some construction crews, Johnson Utilities pulled water meters in over 30 locations throughout San Tan Valley essentially stopping construction in many locations. Not only were the meters pulled, but the Utility did not tell any of the construction crews that this was going to happen.

Construction crews came to their sites early Friday morning and learned their access to water was pulled. There was no warning this was coming.

Without water, construction crews cannot water down their work sites which would put them at massive risk of putting them out of compliance with dust control in the State of Arizona. Fines for this are thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

When contractors spoke with Johnson Utilities project managers, a Johnson Utilities representative was angry that some construction crews still had limited access to water and attempted to blame the construction crews for the low water pressure problems that Eduprize is currently dealing with.

Johnson Utilities project managers told some construction crews that they do not have to give any warning regarding water meters being pulled and water access being taken away. Construction crews went on to say that Johnson Utilities project managers told them that Johnson Utilities does not have to give them water.

Constructions crews confirmed from Johnson Utilities employees that over 30 meters have been pulled. Additionally, some construction crews have spoken with Johnson Utilities employees that this issue of one pump being down is “a bunch of BS.”

This only further confirms some of the stories and rumors that have been floating around within the area. It was revealed earlier this week  that some wells have been shut down due to water quality problems. This came from a Johnson Utilities contractor during a conversation with one resident.