Learning In An Ever Changing World

By Jeff Green, Principal, Combs Traditional Academy

In this ever-changing world we, as teachers, are tasked with getting our students college and career ready for a world that will look very different than it does today. One of the most significant differences we have seen in the past couple of decades is the advancements that have been made in technology. That is why we feel it is increasingly important to utilize technology in the classroom as much as possible, but in a meaningful, purposeful way.

There are many ways we incorporate technology into our 2nd grade classrooms at Combs Traditional Academy. We teach standards using videos on BrainPop and YouTube. We can assess students through Kahoot, Plickers, and by creating Galileo practice tests to better prepare students for the AzMERIT. Students can learn spelling and math through game-based online sites such as Prodigy and SpellingCity and we can digitally provide students timely, specific feedback through Google Docs in our Google classroom.

Along with that is the obligation to teach students how to be responsible and safe digital citizens. Students work on activities that incentivize learning and engage them in work that is relevant and meaningful to them. Blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos are great tools students can use. With this, students learn etiquette, safety, and responsibility as they would with any tool. Instead of worksheets, writing a simple paper, or discussions about topics, students are getting practice interacting digitally, working on skills valuable to a global world, and learning to master a fast-paced, adaptable environment.