During the month of June we had Commissioner Dunn and Commissioner Olsen, from the AZCC attend 2 of our town hall meetings to receive additional feedback from the residents regarding their utility service. 

While praise was provided on the work and improvements that have been made thus far by EPCOR, the biggest concern that residents have is what is going to happen to Johnson Utilities when the agreement for an interim manager ends.  Will Johnson resume control over the day to day operations of the utility after the interim management agreement ends?   Commissioner Dunn reassured our residents that the Commission can vote to extend the interim manager agreement as necessary and will do so in order to maintain safe, reliable drinking water and waste water services for our community.   

On July 18, 2019 the AZCC reviewed the 3 year / $129 million capital improvement plans submitted by EPCOR and approved them to move forward with the recommended projects and plans. 

While EPCOR continues to make improvements to the Johnson Utility system that will help our current customer base, there is a continued effort to advocate for our future customers as well.  The reduced water meter connections each month has had a tremendous impact on our economic growth on both the residential and commercial side of things.  We invite you to join in the conversation, be as involved and educated as you can.  All of the open meetings and hearings regarding Johnson Utilities can be viewed online at azcc.gov.