Poston Butte Varsity Softball Is Tearing Up The League

By San Tan Times Staff
Photos by Poston Butty Broncos Softball Team

As of the writing of this article the Poston Butte Broncos Varsity Softball team sits at an impressive 15-0 on the season. These wins aren’t by luck or squeaking by. The Broncos have scored 181 runs and only 25 runs allowed. The team ERA is .888. That’s right, POINT 888.

Starting pitcher Lindsey Lopez, who already has a scholarship in place to play at ASU, has started 9 games, with a 7-0 record and an ERA of .475 with a .525 whip. Be sure to note that there are no numbers before the decimal point. To put the numbers in perspective, last year’s Cy Young winners for Major League Baseball had a ERA of 1.70 and 1.89.

Lindsey Lopez also has 112 strikeouts on the season with only 59 innings pitched. The technical term for that stat is “ridiculous.” Lopez also recently notched her 600th career strikeout as a Bronco. In the Broncos previous game against Seton, Lopez only allowed 1 hit, no walks, and had 17 strikeouts as the team went on to win 6-0.

But, it isn’t all about Lopez as we noted with the team’s pitching ERA. Morris and Westover have a zero ERA in a combined 14 innings of work and Apodaca has a 1.313 ERA over 5.1 innings.

On offense the team is batting .390 BA/.469 OBP/.575 SLG/1.044 OPS

Some of the many offensive highlights consist of Apodaca carrying a slash line of .482 BA/.554 OBP/.643 SLG/1.197 OPS, and Westover batting .375 BA/.468 OBP/.425 SLG/.893 OPS.

Single game highlight would be the February 28 game against Cortez with a 21-0 win and the March 22 game against Miami with a 29-0 win. In the Cortez game Morris and Potter both had three hits while Brizuela, Lopez, Vernam, and Morris combined for  14 RBI.

In the 29-0 win against Miami, Morris lead the team with 5 hits, while Henderson (6 RBI) and Potter (4 RBI) lead the team in runs batted in.

The Broncos currently only have three seniors on the team, so the future is very bright for the varsity team. Many of the players already have colleges looking at them. As mentioned earlier, Lopez has a scholarship to ASU. The other player that has received a scholarship is Apodaca who will be attending Park University.

The Broncos upcoming schedule is Seton Catholic on March 28, which they won with a final score of 9-1. Dysart is up next on March 29 to close out the week. 

Next week the Broncos play on Tuesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 4. League games run through April 18th.

Player Profiles

Raevynn Apodaca #11: .482 BA/.554 OBP/.643 SLG/1.197 OPS. Leads team in runs scored with 34.

Sierra Henderson #9: .308 BA/.372 OBP/.333 SLG/.705 OPS. Had a 6 RBI performance against Miami on March 22 and went 3-5 with a double.

Lindsay Lopez #18: Batting – .630 BA/.649 OBP/ .1.087 SLG/1.73 OPS | Pitching – .424 ERA/.500 WHIP. Grand slam on February 28 against Cortez and two starts in which Lopez struck out 17 batters.

Jaedynn Yohn #1: Batting – .237 BA/.370 OBP/ .289 SLG/.659 OPS – Scored a season high 4 runs against Miami on March 22.

Mytay Castillo #7: Batting – .500 BA/.571 OBP/ .500 SLG/1.071 OPS

Katelyn Westover #3: Batting – .375 BA/.468 OBP/.425 SLG/.893 OPS. A double and 4 RBI performance against Washington on March 6.

Kayla Lopez #8: Batting – .488 BA/.522 OBP/ .721 SLG/1.243 OPS. Went 4-4 on the night with 2 RBI and 2 Runs scored against Combs on March 18.

Alyssa Brizuela #14: Batting – .290 BA/.450 OBP/ .387 SLG/.837 OPS. Had 2 doubles, 3 RBI, and 2 Runs scored against Cortez on February 28.

Dawn Morris #2: Batting – .488 BA/.500 OBP/ .732 SLG/1.230 OPS. Went 5-5 with 2 triples, a double, and 4 Runs scored against Miami on March 22.

Samantha Brizuela #10: Batting – .120 BA/.185 OBP/ .200 SLG/385 OPS.  Had a double, 2 RBI against Page on February 20.

ShyAnn Vernam   #21: Batting – .167 BA/.231 OBP/ .2050 SLG/.481 OPS.  Had a double and 3 RBI against Cortez on February 28.

Kyleigh Potter #20: Batting – .313 BA/.370 OBP/ .479 SLG/.850 OPS.  Has 4 triples and 20 Runs on the season.

Nattie Murillo #17: Batting – .357 BA/.500 OBP/ .667 SLG/1.167 OPS.  Has 9 doubles, 2 triples on the season.