Ranch Elementary Students Learn About Volcanos

Volcano Ranch Elementary Project

Left to Right: Ayden Espinoza, Aiden Morrow, and Evan Dean-Reush

By San Tan Times and Sue Kruse, Ranch Elementary Principal

Could you have a volcano in your yard at some point? Fourth graders at Ranch Elementary were asked that question. Most students answered No! Using technology and hands-on activities the students explored this question. Students studied patterns of where volcanoes exist in the world today and where volcanoes have existed in the past.

Volcano-Ranch Elementary

Pictured left to right: Alexis Mendoza and Gracie Adkins

Then they used latitude and longitude coordinates to locate volcanoes in different regions of the world. They discovered a major pattern of volcanoes known as the Ring of Fire. When asked the same question again, many students had changed their answer. What do you think? Could a volcano pop up in YOUR backyard?

From public schools to charter schools, there are a lot of great things going on in the education of our local kids.