Finally a Budget!!!

It looks like the steering committee has finally released it’s “bare bones budget” read the full press release below.

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. – What does it cost to run a new city? Many San Tan Valley voters are asking that question as they move forward with incorporation efforts. To answer, the Vote San Tan Valley Steering Committee today announced the release of a sample budget based on known revenues of $35,800,000.

“It’s a bare bones sample budget,” says Steering Committee member Jeanne Stockton. “But it will get us started. Then, like neighboring communities have done, we can grow revenue streams and expand services if that is what voters choose.”

According to budget committee member Bill Betts, the budget was created by meeting with Pinal County officials, the AZ League of Cities, by comparing budgets of established cities to obtain cost ratios, and conferring with a professional with expertise in city/town budgeting.

“Most numbers are based on costs provided by the County,” explains Betts. “For example, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office provided an all-inclusive cost for each officer. “

Steering Committee members emphasize that this is only a guideline. No budget can be legally adopted until there is an elected city council, which would happen within a year after a vote to incorporate.

Most of the money would come from State Shared Revenues. This is a pool of taxes collected throughout Arizona shared with incorporated cities and towns. Based on San Tan Valley’s population, the amount would be $30 million. Income from Road Tax and Justice of the Peace adds another $5.7 million.

The budget committee emphasized that neither property taxes nor sales taxes can be raised without a vote by the residents. Due to legislation passed last year, sales taxes can only be raised in even numbered years, with 2020 being the next eligible date.

On the expense side, the largest expense is for law enforcement at $12 million, followed by road maintenance at $11 million. These are expenses that all municipalities are required to provide. Other required areas are a City/Town Manager and Town Clerk. The sample budget also provides for a Town Attorney, Building Inspector, Finance Director, Animal Control, and administrative support positions. “Many services would be contracted to avoid huge capital expenditures,” says Stockton.
“Then, at a later date and with proper planning, residents can decide what services to add.
Instead of inheriting expensive decisions already made if we were annexed into another city, this
community will be starting with our own goals and objectives in mind.”

The budget was compiled by volunteers who have experience with municipal and corporate budgets. Betts says he’s quite comfortable with the budget. “It gives us a basis to grow on. And the voters will decide how and when to add services.”

The area for the proposed new municipality is 68 square miles, with a population of 100,000.

Below is the full budget that was provided to the San Tan Times.

If you would like to download a printable version of the budget you can CLICK HERE.

What do you think of this budget? Can it support a population of 100,000? Let us know below in the comments.