This most recent election highlighted an ongoing problem in San Tan Valley.


Low voter turnout is nothing new in this country, but as a community, this recent election showed that only 13% of registered voters submitted their ballot. This low turnout highlights an ongoing problem with our community and it will end up negatively effecting our future.

Traffic, taxes, city planning, jobs, education, and commercial development. All are incredibly important to San Tan Valley residents, yet so many miss the opportunity to take part.

As an unincorporated area we have very little representation. The only time we can flex our wants and needs is through local voting. The problem is that time and again San Tan Valley residents fail to show up to vote.

This most recent election highlights an ongoing problem with our community. We do not vote. This results in surrounding areas taking advantage of us or just outright ignoring us.

With 20% of the population of Pinal County, the San Tan Valley area should have massive pull in the future and planning of our county. But, we do not, because as a community, we continue to miss out on opportunities to take part in our own future.

As a community we need to begin to come together. We see a lot of anger in the community, but without a plan to better ourselves, that anger will only lead to little progress which will only develop more anger and frustration.

What are some of the topics that are important to San Tan Valley that the community should focus on?


It seems like a daily occurrence that accident and traffic are creating havoc for our residents.

Shopping & Entertainment 

If you want to do anything, whether it is dining, shopping, or entertainment, residents need to leave the area to accomplish this. But, a lot of entertainment and sit down dining will not come into the area without lunch time crowds and commercial growth which leads to our next hurdle


With the focus being on roof tops, it has left the area with little opportunities when it comes to job growth and career-focused jobs. The primary reason for this is due to a lack of city planning. We do not have any city planning because we aren’t a municipality. Which leads us to the area’s next pain point.

Becoming a Municipality

The fact that we are an area of about 110,000 people and we still aren’t a municipality speaks volumes to the problems within our own community and those around us that look to take advantage of us.

Support systems

From social programs to libraries, San Tan Valley is severely lacking due to a lack of planning and community development.

All of these problems are fixable. But, the solutions aren’t going to be quick. It will also require the community to work together like it has never done so before. The first steps as a community to create a better future for the area that you and your family call home is to vote.

Whether you are for or against a proposition, candidate, or ballot item, the first step towards progress is to make your voice heard through voting.

San Tan Times will continue to push the residents to register to vote and to go out to the polls on elections. Because having a turnout of 13% of registered voters, with only 46% of the area registered to vote, is not a positive development for a community.

What other concerns for our area do you have? What do you want to see addressed? Let San Tan Times know and we will help you where we can to address your concerns.

We hope to see you all at future events registering to vote and taking part in local elections and issues.