Response To Resident Offers Incorrect Information 

Recently a local resident posted to Johnson Utilities Facebook page requesting that they get their act together: 

You guys need to get your act together. Epcor and the ACC are trying to help, but still, nothing happens Because whoever is in charge over there at Johnson Utilites is fighting them every step of the way. Hydrogen sulfide spikes and nitrates close to being too high, and wastewater plants corroding to the point of explosion. This is all unacceptable, yet Johnson Utilities won’t let Epcor do the job they were assigned to do. Stop being idiots and cooperate! You guys are just digging a bigger and bigger hole for yourselves. Seriously. 

As many residents can relate to the frustration and concern that this resident has, the response from Johnson Utilities is concerning: 

Unfortunately, many of the statements released by the press are completely inaccurate. Johnson Utilities is working with EPCOR. Facility inspections are being performed by its operational staff and consultants. Operation, compliance and financial information is being shared with EPCOR representatives. Johnson Utilities is committed to serving our customers and will continue to seek ways to improve our customer’s experience. 

Unfortunately, ACC dockets prove that Johnson Utilities is NOT working with EPCOR. They are not sharing information and the ACC has scheduled a Johnson Utilities Contempt hearing for August 24. 

You can read the ACC docket on the contempt hearing here: 

EPCOR was forced to suspend the Interim Manager contract due to a lack of cooperation from Johnson Utilities. 

Since Johnson Utilities is violating the ACC procedure of the IM assignment by refusing access of the “financial institutions”, EPCOR was instructed – based on section 1.2 of the contract – to suspended the IM contract. 

You can read the Interim Management Agreement here: 

Due to the lack of cooperation from the water utility, ACC Commissioner Tobin called for a search and seizure warrant on Johnson Utilities. That request was denied, but it shows the length in which Johnson Utilities is attempting to block EPCOR from being the Interim Manager. 

At an Open Meeting August 14, EPCOR’s Vice President of Corporate Services Shawn Bradford testified about hazardous and potentially catastrophic environmental conditions within some of Johnson Utilities’ facilities. 

“When inspection results shared in public include the statement that explosions and loss of life are possible due to severe neglect, it’s time to immediately act,” said Tobin. “The potential exposure to utility employees, residents, and first responders should be immediately remedied.” 

You can read the full press release issued by Commissioner Tobin here: 

Additionally, the court hearing on Thursday, August 24th not only reaffirmed that Johnson Utilities isn’t working with EPCOR, but they are actively fighting to stop an Interim Management to be in place. Johnson Utilities has not allowed access, and has not made a good-faith effort to come to a viable, workable solution with EPCOR. As much as Johnson Utilities would like to believe that “statements released by the press are completely inaccurate”, this is a lie on their part. Public documents show that “operation, compliance and financial information is being shared with EPCOR representatives” is a knowingly false statement and with no evidence to support the claim. In fact, there is evidence, as supplied within this article that shows the opposite.

The judge on Thursday released this document stating that the ACC does have the authority to issue an Interim Manager.

If Johnson Utilities plans on continuing to lie to their customers, then the utility will continue to be called out for their lies.