Keeping Fitness Resolutions Or Training For events Means Keeping Properly Hydrated

By Banner Health

People trying to get back into shape as part of their New Year’s resolutions or those who are training for events like the Humana Rock n’ Roll Marathon that took place recently may be not getting the right kind of hydration.

Devin Minior, MD, chief medical officer for Banner Urgent Care, says Banner urgent cares treat many “weekend warriors,’’ amateur athletes who work out more strenuously on the weekends. Many come in because of dehydration and ensuing complications, even in the winter.

“(Runners) are sweating and losing a lot of fluids and so often they are rehydrating with just water and getting something called hyponatremia,’’ Minior said.

Hyponatremia indicates low blood sodium levels usually caused by water diluting a person’s blood. It can affect athletic performance since symptoms include nausea, lethargy, muscle cramps, weakness/fatigue, headaches and restlessness.

To avoid hyponatremia, it’s important to replenish yourself with a drink that has extra electrolytes, especially those drinks fortified with potassium and sodium, Minior said.

Urgent cares also treat many weekend warriors who may have overdone as they went for their first run or weight-lifting session, he said.

“A lot of people who are picking up an activity for the new year or who haven’t worked out for a long time come in because they feel sore and crampy,’’ he said.

Minior’s recommends “moderation’’ and being patient with your body as you begin a new sport or routine.

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