Memorandum And Proposed Order Of The Commission’s Investigation

A twelve page docket was released on March 8. 2018 that details the background of the ACC’s recent involvement along with some of the problems that ADEQ has found on January 25, 2018 and then on another site visit on February 23, 2018. Additionally, according to Company estimates, there have been “approximately six unauthorized discharges at the Section 11 waste water treatment plant dating back to 2016.  ACC Staff is concerned with the amount of unauthorized discharges at the site and believes immediate implementation of a monitoring and control system is warranted. ACC Staff estimates the cost of the system to be approximately $25,000. ACC Staff recommends the Company to install a monitoring and control system of that plant no later than April 16, 2018.

Sanitary Sewer Overflows were also investigated. 36 sanitary sewer overflows were documented from February 11, 2015 to November 15, 2017. ACC Staff is concerned that the Company may lack the necessary managerial and technical capabilities to appropriately run the utility.

Additionally, a review of Customer Service records to the ACC revealed numerous complaints have been filed regarding the utility. Since 2015, 530 complaints have been submitted to the ACC.

ACC Staff also issued a Data Request to Johnson Utilities requesting any and all complaint data as it relates to Johnson’s claim on possible leaks and possible theft of water by customer’s neighbors. If you attended the ACC hearings you would have heard the consistent statements from residents being told that they had a water leak or that someone was stealing their water as justification for high water bills.

For a complete detailed, account of the background, findings, and conclusions submitted by Director Elijah O. Abinah of the Utilities Division you can read the entire 12 page memorandum here.