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Mike Hernandez

Mike Hernandez Candidate for State Senate

voice heard. This also applies to local residents that decide to run for office. Local resident Mike Hernandez who is running for State Senate in LD16 submitted this piece explaining why he is running while also giving registered voters the opportunity to learn more about a candidate. San Tan Times has offered the ability to submit letters and articles to us as we attempt to give the residents the information they need when it comes time to vote. As always, San Tan Times will not tell you who to vote for, we simply want to increase voter turnout. 


Just over a year and a half ago, my San Tan Valley community attended a town hall where residents made it clear we wanted to incorporate as a city. We had the momentum to make a change, but we needed support from our elected officials. 

Instead of working with us and supporting our cause, however, State Senator David Farnsworth said he didn’t care about this issue and wasn’t going to do anything. And if we had a problem with that, we should run for office against him. 

Challenge accepted. I’m running for State Senate here in LD16 because we deserve a leader that will listen to constituents and fight for them, not dismiss them. 

That type of arrogance and disconnect from regular voters is what has so many people ticked off at the entrenched politicians like David Farnsworth at the Capitol. The folks down there don’t know what we care about, they can’t relate to us, and they refuse to fight for the issues that matter most to us. 

I’m asking for your vote because I am connected to this community and I will stand up for San Tan Valley at the State Capitol, as well as our shared conservative values. But most importantly, I think I can serve and relate best to the everyday people that make up our district. 

Sure, I’m a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment and have my concealed carry permit. I think the government has too much say in our daily lives. I’m pro-life, pro-business and I think it’s time we worried more about the small business owner instead of the corporate lobbyists at the Capitol. But my campaign is about more than just my policy stances. 

I’ve faced adversity in my life and overcome it; at age 15, I got my first job at McDonald’s. I struggled and at times had nowhere to live. Counting on the charity of friends for a shower or a couch to crash on. I can recall days that I would walk up to work in uniform hoping to pick up a shift just because of the free meal I got every shift. Some days, that was the only meal I would get. 

I never had the opportunity to attend college, but I didn’t let my situation bring me down. I worked hard and found something I was good at when I got into sales and marketing. With hard work, determination and an understanding of how to connect with people, I moved my way up to be a Senior level manager at two different Fortune 100 companies and continued to build my resume. 

But eventually, I realized I wanted to start my own business and I got into real estate here in Arizona. I’ve now built a team with seven employees and our business did over $10 million in sales year to date. 

I didn’t get any extra help from the government, or from whining about how tough life had been. I put my head down, came up with a plan, and built a better life for myself. 

I’m running for State Senate because I know there are people in LD16 that want to do the same, but elected officials like David Farnsworth simply aren’t looking out for them. Some people may say I don’t have the right last name to win this race or the experience needed to campaign. 

But the experiences I’ve had in my life, like overcoming adversity and struggling to make ends meet, are the ones so many people face here in our community. I’m asking for your vote because I’ll be able to work with you to solve issues, not dismiss your concerns. 

So far a few organizations and individuals agree that I am a great fit for the job. Like Pinal County Supervisor Mike Goodman as well as the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona and the Arizona Police Association. 

We deserve a leader that will stand for our values and knows what it’s like to struggle. I can be that leader and I hope to have your vote on August 28th.

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