Firing Operations Successful in Protecting Highway 88 Corridor

Incident Type: Wildfire
Size: 112,899 Acres
Contained: 25%

Today’s Smoke Concerns:

Smoke this morning will be pushed out of the canyons and low lying areas by 8-10AM. Smoke impacts are expected this morning over Queen Valley, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, and Northeast Maricopa County as the smoke lifts out. Any air quality impacts will likely be brief, lasting only 1-2 hours, and occur prior to noon.

Light winds will lead to less smoke dispersion during the afternoon with impacts primarily from Roosevelt to the Wheatfields area north of Globe. Smoke will once again settle into the Tonto Basin and Salt River Corridor this evening, and to a lesser extent along Highway 70 towards San Carlos and Highway 60 into the Fort Apache Reservation, Show Low, and Vernon areas.

Yesterday, easterly winds pushed the fire west towards Reavis Trailhead south of Apache Lake. To protect values along the State Highway 88 corridor. Crews applied low intensity fire from Davis Ranch to Fish Creek. Smoke has been visible from this increase in fire activity. Crews actively observed this area during last night.

Along Highway 188 in Roosevelt, crews improved firelines with additional low intensity fire applied along the roadway. Depth was added to the fireline for additional assurance that the line would hold should the wildfire move towards Roosevelt Lake.

Woodbury Progress:

Wildfire has moved into a different vegetation type on the eastern most perimeter, resulting in decreased fire behavior, as predicted. Crews hiked along Sawtooth Ridge, ensuring no heat was coming from the fireline and created additional contingency lines. Retardant was dropped between Sawtooth Ridge and Montana Mountain. Aerial ignition introduced low intensity fire in this area to strengthen the retardant line. Hotshots will be stationed in this area to monitor fire activity. These tactics will further protect the values at risk including mine operations, power lines, communities, ranch land, and the Sonoran Desert ecosystem.

Containment lines hold on the west and southwest side of the fire northeast of Apache Junction. Crews are conducting suppression repair in the area.

For information about evacuations, shelters, livestock and pet shelters call: 928-402-8888

Current closures:
Tonto National Forest Fire Area Closure information:
For current Arizona Department of Transportation information visit:

Tonto National Forest Stage 1 Fire Restrictions remain in place.

Due to allocating the bulk of resources to the northwest, east, and southeast sides of the fire, the Incident Command Post in Gold Canyon is in the process of relocating to Dr. Charles A. Bejarano Elementary School in Miami. The relocation will be completed by the evening of June 24, 2019. One of the two information phone numbers will be temporarily out of service during this transition: 480-288-6110.