All FUSD 8th Grade Students Receiving Chromebooks

By Florence Unified School District And the San Tan Times Staff

Thanks to the community passing the 2017 FUSD Bond, Florence Unified School District is now able to provide 1:1 computing for all 8th-grade students across FUSD. 

This means a Chromebook will be supplied to each 8th grade student which will provide continuous learning from school to home. For parents, a home internet connection is not required. 

24/7 filtering for safety and security is provided with each Chromebook.

For parents, there is an insurance fee of $50 for the year.


Did you know FUSD is adopting a new program by Synovia called, “Here Comes The Bus?” This program will monitor student riders from the time they enter until they exit the bus. Most importantly, once we successfully test the program, you will be able to download an app that gives you alerts on where your student is and when they get on or off the bus. This is one more layer of security we are adding for our families.