The Stephen R. McKane Practice Complex

By,  Florence Unified School District and San Tan Times Staff

The Stephen R. McKane Practice Complex has been completed. Coupled with new technology across the district, 1:1 computing being launched for all 8th graders, upgrades to facilities across the district, and more innovations for our students, we are proud of all we have been able to accomplish with the support of our community. THANK YOU!

Beginning on July 17th, all 8th-grade students in FUSD will be issued a District Laptop.  As our district continues to lead the way in technological integration, we want to ensure our students have devices as early as possible.

Bond Progress:
This isn’t the first Bond update that FUSD has provided. Previous updates included Florence High School Tennis Courts refurbishments, an additional 3,600+ chrome books for students, 3 school buses, a wood chipper, and a Gannon tractor. The wood chipper and tractor saves FUSD $500 per week in rental fees.